Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pink eye!!

My poor baby came done with pink eye last night. If that's not bad enough he has an ear infection on top of it. For being a sick little man he is still so happy. Isaiah didn't want to listen to me when I told him to stay away from Morgan and to keep washing his hands. He woke up this morning with a pink eye. It's funny to watch Jr and Savannah. They keep washing their hands and wont come within 10 feet of the boys. The eye drops seem to be working. Their eyes are getting so much better. Mom is counting down the days until we are done with eye drops, and hoping no one else gets it!! Wish us luck!!

San Diego Trip

On the 19th of Feb we headed to San Diego for a funeral. Bryan's great aunt passed away, so we went in place of my father in law. On the way out there we saw a lovely big rig turned over. Glad everyone was ok in that one. Once we got there the kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. We came home on the 20th. It was a long trip but it was great to see family we haven't seen in years. The kids didn't want to come home. We are going to be planning lots more trips up there. Bryan's cousin is going to teach the kids how to ride horses and rope. They can't wait for that one!!

New Camera!!

For Valentine's Day my lovely husband bought me a new camera!! It is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D. It came with a Canon 18-55mm lens, Canon 75-300mm lens, Canon 50mm lens, wide angle lens, telephoto lens, 3 piece high resolution filter kit, 8 GB memory card, 4 GB memory card, USB card reader, 2 tripods, digital flash for SLR cameras, hard carrying case, and soft carrying case. I love it!!

Primary Activity 2/13/09

On Friday, Feb. 13,2009 the kids went to one of the retirement homes with their primary. They sang some songs and handed out Valentine's to the people living there. The kids had a GREAT time. The only one I could get a picture of handing out their card was Savannah. She looked so cute giving this little old lady her card. She didn't want to stop talking to her.