Monday, April 27, 2009

Science Center

On Saturday Jr went to the Science Center in Orange County with his Cub Scouts. Boy did we have a lot of fun. I ended up draging Bryan out of there. He's still bugging me on when we are going back.
Jr and Alec waiting to go in.
A cool thing they had there.
Isaiah and his hands lol. This thing was cool!
Jr did his face and hands!
Bryan and the boys by a tornado.
Me and the boys by a tornado.
The boys feeling what it's like in the middle of a tornado.
Bryan laying on a bed of nails!! So cool!!
Feeling what it's like to be in an earthquake!!
Jr and Isaiah outside looking at all the dinosaur stuff.
Bryan, me, and the boys!
Bryan and some of the Cub Scout Pack.
Phil, Isaiah, and Alec making an earthquake.
A cool hurricane they had. You could control how fast or slow it went.
On the way home my van died!! Tow truck coming to the rescue!!
Good thing we weren't far from home. Bryan's coworker came and got us. Our crazy tow truck driver!! Eric you're the best!!
This is what my van left on the freeway!!
Bryan trying to make us laugh. Good day gone bad!!
And we finally got home. Guess what's wrong with it??? Needs a new TRANSMISSION!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Projects

As you all my know I'm into taking pictures. Lately I've been taking a lot and editing them. I am trying to get it to where I can make a little money from them. I have a few friends that want me to take their kids photos and family photos. Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine. Here are a few that I have done recently. Hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Planting with G. Grandma

When we were leaving the zoo they gave us some bookmarks. When I looked at them I realized that you were supposed to plant them. We were going to Bryan's grandparents house for dinner Saturday night. The kids couldn't wait to get there. They wanted to planet their bookmarks! Bryan's grandma has a little garden in her backyard. Every time the kids see anything to do with gardening they think of grandma. So after dinner grandma took the kids outside and let them planet their bookmarks. What a great end to a great day!!

Grandma, Jr, and Isaiah
Grandma showing them how to put the bookmarks in.
Here comes Savannah to do hers!
My 4 monsters planting. How cute is that??
Grandma helping Savannah and Morgan.
All done!! Let's see what's going to grow!!

Los Angeles Zoo

We had so much fun on Friday that my wanted to go to the zoo on Saturday. This time we went to the Los Angeles Zoo. It was hot but the kids had so much fun. We met up with my cousin Jessica and her 2 boys. It was a great day. Hope you enjoy....

He can smell it...but where is it???
We got to see the Komodo Dragon eat lunch!! He got it!!
Almost done. Just the tail left!! Kids thought this was GREAT!!
All the kids!! They couldn't wait to get started!!
Jr being the monkey he is.
Morgan was so tired!!
Mae was having so much fun!!
Isaiah and Peyton waiting to go see more animals.
The cute little giraffe family! The baby was so cute!
Peyton by his favorite fence. Jessie says he has to get his picture taken by it every time he goes to the zoo. Too cute!
My favorite in the whole zoo!! They are so pretty!
Bryan loves the bears. Maybe that's cause he is one when he wakes up in the morning lol.
This is my favorite picture of Brady!! He's so cute!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo!

Friday was the last day for Spring Break. Our poor kids didn't get to do anything. So we thought we would take them to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was Nicole (my sister) and her 3 kids, Barbara (one of my best friends) and her 3 kids, my sister in law Jennifer, and me and the kids. There was 10 kids and only 4 adults! Boy did we have fun. Enjoy!!!
All of us minus me
Jr and Isaiah by the elephants
Mae by the elephants
Morgan wouldn't eat lunch cause we were so close to the elephants!!
Nicole and her kids!! Right after lunch.
Auntie Cole and Meeya going to go see more animals!!
My little Savannah Mae!
Isaiah, Ethan, Caden, Savannah by the Lions.
Boys being silly
Barb next to her favorite kind of flowers!!
Getting ready to turn in the wagon! They love each other so much.


There were so many pictures from Easter, so I thought I'd just put some in a slide show. I couldn't figure out some music to go with it sorry. Hope you enjoy!!

Isaiah's Easter Party

I got to help out in Isaiah's class for his Easter party! I had so much fun. They did all kinds of fun centers before the party started.
Isaiah and his teacher, Miss Durley
Isaiah and his Easter basket. Looking for eggs.
Mommy helped hide the eggs. So I put on in the tree lol
Look at all the eggs. 4 kindergarten classes had to find eggs.
They were EVERYWHERE!! Boy was it a fun day!