Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soccer 2009!!

This year we have 3 in soccer. If that wasn't bad enough I signed up to be Savannah's coach and Bryan ended up being Jr's coach. I felt bad for my Isaiah, so mom signed up to be his asst. coach. We are very busy on Saturdays. We have lots of fun though.

My little Savannah Mae playing her very first game!! She still isn't into the games that much but she is getting a lot better. She only likes to play about 1/2 the game.
Isaiah has come along way from last year. He is doing really good in soccer. He is enjoying every minute of it too.
Jr is back to the way he played his first year. He could be really good if he would just listen to the people that are trying to teach him. He is getting really good. He loves sports. Next year he wants to play football.


Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

How fun that they can all be on separate teams! Can't wait to see you all...

Mike and Jantz said...

Great pictures! Our son has been playing for a lot of years, I love it!